Rebar and Mesh

Anchor Bolts

Dalco and Teton carry a large selection of anchor bolts. Typical x 8, 10, and 12 with a nut and washer are in- stock everyday, with harder to find sizes just a few days out. Longer legs and multiple nuts and washers, as well as different threads and metals types are readily available.


Bar Guards

Dalco has a special deal available now for bags of 100 bar guards! Every job site containing reinforced steel must be equipped with bar guards. Due to a special buy, we now have a huge inventory of mushroom-style bar guards in stock. Also available are the OSHA approved square bar guards, for that hard-nosed inspector. Call for pricing while quantities last!


Bar Guard- Carnie Cap

Unlike common rebar guards, the Carnie Cap system distributes the weight of a falling worker evenly across the system. A Carnie Cap is simply slipped over the exposed rebar, then coupled with a typical piece of construction lumber. The cap will not shift or slide, thus eliminating further injury. The system only requires two caps for every eight feet of rebar. Test results have shown the Carnie Cap to withstand impact of 250 lbs. from up to a 10 ft. fall.


Dowel Bar Splicers - Form Savers / Rebar

Dalco Industries, Inc. / Teton Steel dowel bar splicers are manufactured from standard grade 60-rebar material. Basic manufacturing consists of forging and threading operations. No external welding or machining is required and the threading method does not reduce the normal rebar cross-sectional area. Standard splicer units are furnished with an integral-nailing flange. Dalco Industries, Inc. / Teton Steel carries in stock #4 through #6 and can produce any other size and special lengths for you quickly

Mesh-Welded Wire Fabric / Rebar

Dalco Industries, Inc. / Teton Steel stocks a wide variety of welded wire fabric in rolls and sheets to meet your specific requirements. We can also supply welded wire fabric epoxy coated or galvanized if your project warrants this need. Our inventories consist of more than 750,000 square feet.

Rebar Cutter-Bender by Willard

Any job site would be remiss without the Willard rebar cutter-bender. This portable tool easily bends and cuts up to #6 (3/4") bar. It is the epitome of convenience! The Willard Cutter-Bender is dutifully constructed to withstand the rugged construction environment. It is mounted on a four foot board with an easy to use handle.

Rebar Splicing Systems

Dalco Industries, Inc. / Teton Steel supplies a complete line of rebar splicing systems. Each system is designed to excel in different splicing requirements. Dalco Industries, Inc. / Teton Steel have the staff, experience and resources to help you select the system that's right for your specific application. The following is a list of the most popular splicing systems available: Lenton, Bar Splice, Cadweld, Bar Lock, Quick-Wedge, and Zap Lock.

Reinforcing Bar Supports / Rebar

Dalco and Teton stock a complete line of bar support systems. Varying from the miniscule 3/4" and smaller, to the bigger heights, we have got it in stock or close by. Slab bolster, or Slab Bolster with plate or continuous runner (Upper). Bar Chairs, Individual and Continuous, and EZ chairs. All are available with standard, stainless steel, plastic legs, or full dip epoxy. Call your local rep for complete pricing and technical assistance.

Reinforcing Steel / Rebar

Dalco Industries, Inc. / Teton Steel stocks and supplies reinforcing steel Grade 40 and 60 in standard diameters from #3 bar (10 mm) through #18 bar (57 mm) for use in construction of highways, buildings, bridges and industrial facilities. Dalco also supplies reinforcing bar in A706 weldable and epoxy coated. Dalco maintains an inventory of more than 1800 tons of rebar to service your needs; we will cut and bend to your specifications. Teton maintains an inventory of over 500 tons of rebar to service your needs in Wyoming and Montana.

Speed Dowels

Speed Dowel plastic sleeves are used for correct placement and arrangement of steel dowels at flatwork joints and expansion joints. Polypropylene sleeves are placed in proper position perpendicular to the vertical joint edge while lined up with the horizontal plane and the other sleeves. What results is that he Speed Dowel creates a void that welcomes smooth or distorted dowels and stops bonding to the original concrete placement. The possibility of cracking, spalling, or other mishaps are greatly hindered by the shrinking and expansion of adjacent concrete surfaces, as well as directly fighting differential settlement. Speed Dowels are highly recommended on surfaces where precision leveling is deemed, specifically on factory floors and where specialty equipment and/or motorized vehicles are present.


Tie Wire / Rebar

Dalco Industries, Inc. / Teton Steel stocks a large inventory of tie wire from 16.5 gauge to 9 gauge wire. You can place your order from one roll to one box or even by the pallet. Dalco Industries, Inc. / Teton Steel proudly sells Mar Mac brand tie wire in PVC coated or black