Concrete Forming

Bonding Agent

Dayton Superior’s J-40 Day-Chem Ad Bond is a superior bonding agent consisting of acrylic latex emulsion. It is mainly used for bonding new to new or old to new concrete in exterior or interior applications. J-40 is extremely effective when it is used as an admixture with cementitious products such as patching compounds, coatings, and grouts. As an admixture, J-40 not only promotes a strong bond but also greatly increases the strength, durability, and resistance to moisture of the finished product. It is available in one gallon jugs and five gallon pails.


Bridge Products

Dalco/Teton has a full line of engineered bridge products, including bearing devices, bridge drains, expansion devices, engineered forming hardware, a rental fleet of overhang brackets and engineered overhang hangers. Please call for availability and pricing.

Clear Cure

Dayton Superior J-11-W and US SPEC MaxCure Resin Clear are resin- based clear curing compounds for use on freshly finished horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces. It requires no mixing and can be applied with a low power sprayer, roller, or brush. One gallon will cover approximately 200 square feet, drying in about 2 hours. Dalco/Teton has J-11-W and MaxCure are available in five gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. Both meet the ASTM C- 309 Type I, Class B standards.

Column Tubes

Dalco's stock column tubes range from 8" diameter all the way up to 60". They are ideally suited for piers, foundations, stacks, floors and culverts. For a nominal fee, Dalco will cut the tubes to any length. Each tube is rigidly constructed and lined and coated for structural integrity


Concrete Vibrators

Dalco and Teton represent some of the industry's easiest to use and most reliable concrete vibrators. Different styles available include the high cycle, flexible shaft, pneumatic, and universal. High cycle is self- explanatory, the 180 Hz frequency maximizes the efficiency of the three- phase low induction electric motor located within the vibrator head. It is ideal for low slump concrete. The flexible shaft vibrators are portable and designed for general construction, while the pneumatic vibrators favor mass concrete pours. Of course, the universal serves as a tool for the entire gamut of pours. Call your sales rep to see which one is ideal for you!

Evaporative Retarder/Finishing Aid

Sure Film, or J-74, is an evaporative retardant/finishing aid for concrete. J-74 helps to create dense, high quality concrete by reducing the evaporation of moisture from the concrete surface during the finishing process. Shrinkage cracking will be reduced when J-74 is used in less than suitable conditions (i.e. hot, dry, windy, humid) because of reduction of moisture that allows more time for proper finishing. It will have no detrimental effect on strength or durability. Sure Film is equivalent to the generic term used in the industry for evaporative retarder or finishing aid, Confilm.


Fiber Expansion Joint

Dalco's stock expansion joint is a proprietary wood fiber blend of treated wood fibers and additives, which in turn produce a durable, yet light board. Both stronger and lighter than other expansion filler, it is easy to install, will not snap while handling, and can be easily held in position while pouring. It is perfectly suited for a wide spectrum of masonry projects and architectural applications, including sidewalks, ramps, parking lots, retaining walls, curbs, and gutters. Available in ten-foot lengths, it can be cut to any width or bought by the full sheet. Thickness varies from the ultra-thin 1/4" to the bulky 1". Meets ASTM D 1751.


Form Liner

Dalco/Teton offers elastomeric formliners (up to 100 uses) that are the answer to your poured-in-place, tilt- up, or pre-cast construction needs. A wide array of contemporary patterns as well as custom designs are available. Easy to install and easy to strip, these formliners come in single, medium re-use, and heavy re-use. Repeat patterns eliminate seam lines. Dalco/Teton also carries the related supplies and materials to complement Dayton Superior formliners. Call your Dalco/Teton sales rep for additional form liner information, including our complete form liner guide.

Form Release Clean Strip C & M

Dayton Superior Clean Strip C & M is an economical, yet effective premium form release. Clean Strip C & M is a petroleum based release that insures a clean release on plywood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel and other concrete forming materials. It acts as a barrier to the adhesion of concrete while minimizing surface dusting. When applied properly, Clean Strip C & M will not stain concrete or interfere with the adhesion of coatings. It is available in 55 gallon and 5 gallon pails.


Form Release No. 7

US SPEC No. 7 Release is a chemically neutral form release. It is water insoluble, containing no waxes or silicones. The advantage of a chemically inactive form release is that it will not transmit to the form, leaving unsightly stains, voids, and other imperfections. Additionally, this form release will not hamper the adhesive qualities of future coatings that are applied to the concrete substrate. No. 7 release effectively waterproofs wood and rustproofs metal. Available in 5 gal pails and 55 gal drums.


J-20 UV Cure and Seal

J-20 effectively cures, seals and dustproofs fresh interior or exterior concrete surfaces. It is a acrylic copolymer containing 25% solids. It works on fresly finished interior or exterior concrete surfaces. It meets ASTM C-309 standards, will resist many chemicals, and with it's UV designation, help resist yellowing.


Jahn and Camlock Brackets

Dalco and Teton have both Dayton Superior and Gates brackets. Available for rental or for purchase, both systems are effective and easy to install. Please call for quantity discounts and availability.

Plywood - Forming

Dalco offers plywood for forming or miscellaneous use. Please call for more information. HDO, MDO, or BBOES all available.

Rustification Strips

Dalco and Teton can make any shapes out of various types of materials. Polystyrene, wood, and steel are among the candidates. Please call for pricing and availability.

Safe J-18 Cure & Seal

Due to the fact it is devoid of noxious flammable fumes that typically emanate from solvent based cures, Safe Cure & Seal or J-18, is perfectly suited for interior applications. These properties lend to J-18 being a much safer alternative to solvent cures that emit a robust odor and are highly flammable. J-18 is a water-based styrene and acrylic copolymer that is not only a cure, but also a seal and dustproofer for newly poured concrete. Resistant to many chemicals, J-18 also works with standard carpet and tile adhesives. Available in 5 gal. or 55 gal. units.


Safe Seal J-24

Safe Seal is a water based acrylic sealer containing 15% solids by weight. Safe Seal can be used to seal, dustproof and enhance the look of concrete and other related surfaces. It is ideal for interior applications because of low odor and non- flammability. Safe Seal produces a durable, breathable film that has a built-in resistance that withstands many common chemicals.


Screed Key, Load Key

The use of Screed/Load Key is more economical than simple bulk-headed forms which must be prepared, installed, stripped, cleaned, repaired or replaced, and stored. By using the screed or load key you will have a floor that is ready for covering without expensive joint filling or treatment. Each joint is constructed out of 24 gauge galvanized steel with 1 1/8” dowel knockouts 6” on centers. It is available in 10 foot lengths for slabs 4” to 12” thick. The corresponding stakes are made of 16 gauge x 1” steel, and should be used at all joints and 2” maximum centers.


Snap Ties

Dayton Superior Snap Ties are a staple of any concrete forming project. The A-3 Snap Tie is complete with a plastic cone to assure proper setback. The cones act as positive spreader for the forms and reduce grout leakage. Ties are available in any size, with such features as, washer end, waterstop and heavy duty applications. Our standard Snap Tie has a 13/16" breakback. Call for pricing and availabilty.



Stay-form is a ribbed expanded metal leave-in-place form for poured-in-place concrete. It is effective for use as forming for bulkheads, pile caps, grade beams, blindside walls, bridge applications and wherever removal of forms is difficult. Each sheet is 27" by 97" and a 26 gauge thickness.


Ties- Camlock System

"D" cone Camlock ties are for use with the Cam-Lock System. The one inch break back contains a self- centered tapered cone for a 13/16" hole. Dalco and Teton stock standard sizes and handle non- standard and special varieties.


Void by VoidForm International

Voidforms are used in the construction of cast-in-place concrete foundations where expansive soils are present. Voidforms provide temporary support for cast-in-place floors, beams and walls until the concrete can support itself on the drilled piles or caissons. Over time, the corrugated paper that is used in the construction of the voidform will absorb moisture from the surrounding environment. This moisture causes the voidform to lose its structural integrity, thus allowing the soil to expand without causing damage to the foundation. Dalco carries Voidform International void, which is unique because it is constructed by simple folding, free of glues and mechanical fasteners. Voidform International also coats their void with a water-resistant wax to provide temporary protection. For long-term protection on large orders, Dalco will provide a job-site storage trailer free of charge. Void is available either assembled or "knocked down" and comes in the largest variety of sizes in the industry.


Waterstop- PVC

Dalco carries a huge variety of PVC waterstop rolls. The most basic is the flat ribbed waterstop, which is generally employed in construction joints where movement between members is not anticipated. The ribbed with center bulb style is used in expansion joints where movement is anticipated. Also available is the split ribbed or "split tail" style. This particular style is used frequently in either construction or expansion joints where elimination of split form work is feasible. Finally, there is the dumbbell style, which is very similar to the flat ribbed style. Other special shapes and styles are also available.


Waterstop- Bentonite

Waterstop-RX is a flexible strip concrete construction joint sealant that provides a permanent watertight seal by expanding upon contact with water. It is designed to replace the standard passive PVC waterstops in both hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic conditions. The unique point of the RX line is sodium bentonite, which helps forms an impermeable barrier when it comes in contact with water. This swelling causes RX to form a permanent pressure seal, thus eliminating water migration along the waterstop. The RX line includes the RX 101(3/4"x1"x 16'8"), which a cube cross-section design for vertical and horizontal reinforced concrete 8" thick or greater. The RX 101T(1- 1/4"x1/2"x16'8") is similar only with a trapezoidal shape. The RX 102 (3/4"x3/8" x25') is a half-circle design for vertical reinforced 5" thick or greater; horizontal reinforced concrete 4" thick or greater. All the RX products should be used in tandem with the WB-Adhesive.


Waterstop- Adeka Hydrophyllic

Dalco/Teton carries the entire family of Adeka waterstop and related products. Adeka Ultra-Seal consists of a spectally treated water-swelling rubber. When this material comes in contact with water, the hydrophyllic agent contained within swells up to provide a total block to leaks or flooding. Adeka MC-2010 is ideal for cold joints and large diameter piping penetration, or any place where traditional PVC waterstops are used in joints. The Adeka P-201 is a paste that can be utilized in a variety of applications such as piping penetrations, sheet pile interlocks, and crack repair. Dalco/Teton handles other sizes and styles of the Adeka line, please call for which one might be of most benefit for your job.


Weather Worker J-29

Weather Worker J-29 is a penetrating silane sealer that offers superior long lasting weatherproofing protection for all types of concrete and masonry surfaces. The silane composition enables deeper penetration to create a strong chemical bond in which the end result is waterproofing miles ahead or conventional coatings. Weather Worker prevents or inhibits moisture penetration, attacks by deicing salts, rust staining, and spalling caused by freeze/thaw cycles. It is available in single gallon units, five gallon pails and bulk 55 gal drums.

White, Wax Based Cure

US SPEC MaxCure Wax White is a white, wax-based cure that was designed to meet or exceed VOC restrictions. It cleans up without the use of messy and costly solvents, only simple water clean-up is required. MaxCure is recommended where high reflectance of sunlight is desired for temperature reduction of concrete. It is available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes.