Aluminum Ladders

Need a fixed aluminum ladder to lead to a Bilco Roof Hatch? Not a problem, Dalco and Teton are proud to offer Alaco ladders. Fixed ladders or folding wall ladders are available with a variety of options, including, types for increased security, parapet options, and climbing cages. Please call your Dalco rep for additonal drawings, specs, and lead times.


Bar Guards

Dalco has a special deal available now for bags of 100 bar guards! Every job site containing reinforced steel must be equipped with bar guards. Due to a special buy, we now have a huge inventory of mushroom-style bar guards in stock. Also available are the OSHA approved square bar guards, for that hard-nosed inspector. Call for pricing while quantities last!


Ankertite - Fence Setting

Dayton Superior’s Ankertite anchoring material a cementitious product especially formulated and compounded to provide a fast, early strength anchoring material. Ankertite is an ideal product to set fence posts, sign posts, wood or metal in the ground or in concrete. Ankertite can also be used to anchor bolts, rods, machinery mounts and railings. When used in fencing, it can generally be stretched against line posts after just one hour. Other advantages are that it’s resistance to freeze and thaw cycles, very pourable, and a 4100 psi after just a single hour (6800 in one month.)



Dalco/Teton has in-stock all different types of nails. Duplex, common, and concrete nails just to name a few. Please call for availabilty and pricing.


Dalco/Teton carries a large inventory of manhole rings and covers and RL channels. The standard 24” ring and cover is in-stock along with the 5, 10 and 15 foot lengths of RL channels. Less-common sizes are available, please call for availability. Each casting can be specified for heavy to light duty, and can include wording that is called for by various DOT agencies or municipalities.


Bridge Products

Dalco/Teton has a full line of engineered bridge products, including bearing devices, bridge drains, expansion devices, engineered forming hardware, a rental fleet of overhang brackets and engineered overhang hangers. Please call for availabilty and pricing.


Site Furnishings

Dalco and Teton have most of the Division 2 site furnishings ready to adorn your outdoor jobsite. Park benches, trash receptacles, and other miscellaneous products are available in a quick turnaround time. These quality products not only brighten up any setting, but their functionality is appreciated as well. These fixtures are cratfed to withstand the typical Western Winter and strong enough to deter vandals. Call today for more info.


Anchor Bolts

Dalco and Teton carry a large selection of anchor bolts. Typical ˝” x 8”, 10”, and 12” with a nut and washer are in- stock everyday, with harder to find sizes just a few days out. Longer legs and multiple nuts and washers, as well as different threads and metals types are readily available.


Jahn and Camlock Brackets

Dalco and Teton have both Dayton Superior and Gates brackets. Available for rental or for purchase, both systems are effective and easy to install. Please call for quantity discounts and availability.


Corner Guard by Arden

Surface mount corner guards can be installed in existing or new buildings in floor-to-ceiling or in custom heights. Aluminum retainers mount to the finished wall and acrylic vinyl covers snap on easily. Flush mount and fire rated corner guards are designed to give inconspicuous wall protection for floor-to-ceiling applications in new construction. Both surface mount and flush mount corner guards are available with square or radius corners. Dalco also offers Arden Architectural’s stainless steel corner guards and economy vinyl-acrylic corner guard systems.


Manhole Covers and Lids

Dalco/Teton carries a large inventory of manhole rings and covers and RL channels. The standard 24” ring and cover is in-stock along with the 5, 10 and 15 foot lengths of RL channels. Less-common sizes are available, please call for availability. Each casting can be specified for heavy to light duty, and can include wording that is called for by various DOT agencies or municipalities.


Safety Fence

Whether it's protecting equipment, restricting site access, or marking property lines, any job site needs a healthy amount of safety fence. Dalco stocks both 50' and 100' foot rolls of standard orange diamond mesh fence. The highly visible orange and smooth edge make this fence tops in the crucial safety factor. Easy to install, the rolls are lightweight and long lasting. Best yet, the fence is manufactured from a tough, UV stabilized polyethylene that stands up to all of the elements.


Site Protection by Monarflex

Monarflex is the ultimate in scaffold sheeting. Made of reinforced 10mil low density polyethylene (LDPE), Monarflex has a 1500 denier scrim, making it extremely durable without sacrificing manageability and ease of use. Monarflex utilizes the patented grommet system which makes for ease of installation. Monarflex conforms to all apllicable US scaffold sheeting standards.


Concrete Curing Blanket

Why bother with the hassle of renting concrete blankets when Dalco sells them at a low cost every day? There is no time and labor spent on cleaning, refolding, and returning the blankets after just a single use. After two uses, Dalco's blankets have already paid for themselves (in comparison to renting.) All blankets are 12' x 25', available with an R value of 8.02 or 10. Each blanket is rigidly constructed to withstand the rigors of the average western winter. Ask about large quantity discounts.


Geotextiles - Drainage Fabric

Typar 3401 Geotextile serves as a multipurpose nonwoven permeable separator for roads, drainage systems, erosion control applications, and in landfill drainage sytems. Typar 3401 is a Class B drainage fabric that adheres to AASHTO M288-96. Dalco/Teton offers a complete line of geotextiles and drainage fabrics that are economical, easy to install, and a sturdy alternative to traditional construction methods. Call for availabilty.


Tie Wire / Rebar

Dalco Industries, Inc. / Teton Steel stocks a large inventory of tie wire from 16.5 gauge to 9 gauge wire. You can place your order from one roll to one box or even by the pallet. Dalco Industries, Inc. / Teton Steel proudly sells Mar Mac brand tie wire in PVC coated or black.


Ties- Camlock System

"D" cone Camlock ties are for use with the Gates' Cam-Lock System. The one inch break back contains a self- centered tapered cone for a 13/16" hole. Dalco and Teton stock standard sizes and handle non- standard and special varieties.


Curelap Curing Blanket

Curelap Blankets are a combination of 10 oz. burlap and 5 mil white opaque poly. The 5 mil polyethylene is extruded onto the 10-ounce burlap. The result is a lightweight summer curing blanket that can be used over and over again. The burlap layer distributes the water evenly over the covered surface, while the white opaque poly reflects the intense rays of the sun. The blankets are ideal for use on silica fume overlays and parking structure decks, and can be used effectively on any concrete structure.


Gun Applicators

Dalco and Teton offer a variety of applicators to serve your needs. We stock astandard caulking gun, a dual cartridge gun, or a bulk applicator for mixing gallons or "sausage" pro-packs. Our staff can even figure out how much of epoxy, caulk, sealant, etc, you will need for your various applications.


Manhole Steps

Our manhole step is geared towards safety, ease-of-installation, and durability. Each step is equipped with a serrated tread and tall end lugs that prevent feet from slipping forward, backward or sideways. The step is simply hand driven into preformed holes of inserts into cured concrete. There is no need for epoxy or grout. Testing has indicated that each step can withstand loads of over 300 pounds, and even then only minor chipping and breaking occurs.


Bar Guard- Carnie Cap

The Carnie Cap System is superior to any other rebar impalement protection available today. Unlike traditional rebar caps-which provide little or no impalement protection-the Carnie Cap System, when used properly, will withstand a 250 pound weight dropped from 10 feet without the rebar protruding.


Sediment Control

Say your doing some inlet work out on the plains of Colorado. Why would you use the standard means of sediment control, the bale of hay? Excelsior Logs are a more effective means of sediment control, and as far as we know, very unappetizing to horses. Made of curled aspen wood that is enclosed in a seamless tube netting, each log provides better filtering of runoff waters. They are also extremely effective in halting check dam blowout. No more loose straw or hay from clumsy bales either. Each log is ten foot long and available in either 12” or 18” diameters.


Rebar Cutter-Bender by Willard

Any job site would be remiss without the Willard rebar cutter-bender. This portable tool easily bends and cuts up to #6 (3/4") bar. It is the epitome of convenience! The Willard Cutter-Bender is dutifully constructed to withstand the rugged construction environment. It is mounted on a four foot board with an easy to use handle.


Silt Fence

Silt fence is an essential component to a job site to control erosion and keep materials on site. Each fence roll is 100 feet long, 3 feet high with 13 wooden stakes for easy installation. Strong and durable, as well as recyclable, Dalco/Teton silt fence is also U.V. stabilized.


Coil Rod - High Tensile

Dalco and Teton's 1/2" continuous coil rod is for use with coil ties, coil inserts, and coil nuts. It can be easily cut with standard bolt cutters or blades without harming the thread. Our coil rod comes in 12 foot lengths and has a working load tension of 9000 pounds. Coil nuts are also available. Additional sizes are 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1 1/4", and 1 1/2". Low tensile is also available


Geocomposite Drain

WD/15 is a sheet wall drain 10 mm thick (0.385 in.) with a high flow capacity, for use in moderate compressive strength requirements. This product is used to drain soils adjacent to foundation and retaining walls, bridge abutments, under floor slabs, and box culverts. The nodule design produces maximum flow rates, while providing optimum support and adhesive area for the geotextile fabric, and the one sided configuration minimizes potential damage to waterproofing membranes on foundation structures


Floor Underlayment

Dayton Superior Levelayer II is a self- leveling, non-shrinking floor underlayment. It can be used on new construction projects to correct rough or unfinished concrete and to level out uneven floors. Levelayer II can cover 50 square feet at 1/8" per 50 pound bag. However, it can be applied at any thickness from a featheredge to 4". Normal foot traffic is acceptable after 3-4 hours. Use J-42 primer in conjunction with Levelayer II.


Backer Rod

Backer rod is placed into the joint resrvoir of expansion or contraction joints of old or new portland cement, concrete or asphalt pavement joints. Dalco's backer rod sizes run from 1/4" to 2", with larger sizes available on a special order basis. All rod will not absorb water and is fairly easy to install. The closed cell polyethylene foam rod is for use with hot and cold applied sealants. It is resistant to oils, gasoline and other solvents, and will not adhere to sealant material.


RL Channeles - Inlets

Dalco/Teton carries a large inventory of manhole rings and covers and RL channels. The standard 24” ring and cover is in-stock along with the 5, 10 and 15 foot lengths of RL channels. Less-common sizes are available, please call for availability. Each casting can be specified for heavy to light duty, and can include wording that is called for by various DOT agencies or municipalities.


Polyethylene Sheeting - Poly

Dalco/Teton keeps wide selection of poly sheeting in-stock. Typically packaged in 20’ x 100’ rolls, our poly sheeting can be used for site protection, sheltering materials from the elements, underlayment, etc. our style of sheeting includes: 2 mil to 10mil, clear and black, and reinforced. We also carry string reinforced poly, which is extra heavy- duty, able to withstand the toughest construction intangibles.


Sprayers by Chapin

The Chapin 1949 Sprayer is manufactured with a thick epoxy coating that is baked on inside and out over galvanized steel for double corrosion resistance. That extra heavy-duty strength that is essential for any sprayer on a job site. It is designed with an easy use opening, great for filling, emptying, and cleaning. Additional spray tips and wands are also available. The sprayer itself has a four-gallon capacity. The brass pump is completely removable and with just a few pumps the tank is adequately pressurized. Each unit can easily be carried with the attached fabric strap.