How We Started

Dalco Industries was founded in 1956 by Don McCrimmon and Al Triefus, who combined their first names to form what was then known as Dalco Engineering Company. In 1967, Dalco acquired Teton Steel in Casper, Wyoming. Teton’s procurement gave Dalco a stronger foothold in the expanding Front Range construction market. More recently, Dalco also opened a rebar fabrication facility in Billings, Montana.

Our Expansion

In 1989, due to the loss of a competitor in the marketplace, Dalco began to sell concrete accessories and specialty items. The addition of this segment of the business has molded Dalco into a complete concrete product facility. Hence, the origin of our tag line, “If it goes in, on, or around concrete, Dalco has it.”

Colorado Concrete Accessories Supplier

Our Facilities

Dalco’s facilities are concentrated in the 3700 block of Salem Street in Northeast Denver. They have been housed here since the mid-eighties after spending the first 25 years in the Central Platte Valley between 16th and 19th Street. Dalco’s main office and adjacent steel fabrication yard offer all the amenities and latest technology available to help better serve our customers. The concrete accessories division is housed in a nearby warehouse with adjoining offices. Teton Steel’s facility in centrally located in Casper and includes an enclosed fabrication shop, while Teton Steel of Montana is located centrally in Billings.

Competitive and Experienced

Dalco maintains a modern fleet of vehicles and trailers that ensure prompt, on-time job site delivery. Wherever it is along the Front Range, whatever the product – concrete accessories, specialty items, or rebar – Dalco can get it on the job. Dalco’s customers can consistently count on a well-versed technical staff, competitive prices, expedited delivery, and courteous customer service.