Dalco is proud to be the Bilco rep for Colorado and Wyoming. In addition, we’ve expanded our Bilco sales into Montana, South Dakota and North Dakota. Bilco’s top notch reputation within the building industry is due to their commitment to quality craftsmanship and service. Their roof hatches are the most specified in the industry, while their floor door and smoke vent line are present on structures throughout the world.

Dalco is also the local rep for Adren Entrance Systems, Alaco Aluminum Ladders, Sitescapes Site Furnishings, and Karp Access Doors.

Denver Colorado Concrete Specialty Items


Access Doors – Karp

Dalco boasts a huge in ventory of access doors, in-stock everyday. All Karp General Purpose DSC-214M, KRP-150 and KRP-250 fire rated, as well as mutable flange doors for drywall applications are readily available. The DSC model is a standard door, while the KRP 150 and 250 are suited for fire ratings in both walls and ceilings. Options that can be added to each door include: key locks, flush key locks, ring and knob turns. All doors are UL certified, offer easy installation and years of worry-free use. Also available, in a short lead time, are stainless steel doors, special size doors, and high security units. Stop by the Dalco warehouse in Denver to see our impressive access door collection!

Aluminum Ladders by Alaco

Need a fixed aluminum ladder to lead to a Bilco Roof Hatch? Not a problem, Dalco and Teton are proud to offer Alaco ladders. Fixed ladders or folding wall ladders are available with a variety of options, including, types for increased security, parapet options, and climbing cages. Please call your Dalco rep for additonal drawings, specs, and lead times.

Arden Entrance Systems

When used and installed properly, Arden Architectural’s entrance flooring systems remove up to 85% of dirt, debris, and moisture from entrances, thereby drastically reducing future maintenance costs. Arden combines elegance and functionality and can be used for either outdoor or indoor application. The EnvIRONtread mats and grates are effective, sturdy and environmentally-sound. Manufactured from recycled truck tires and rails of aluminum, these grates allow dirt and moisture to fall through the mat or grate to the recess pan, away from the existing pedestrian traffic.

Bike Racks

Biking to and from work, the store, the park, or just riding for fun is not only beneficial for the environment, but for your health as well. The increasing bike traffic has meant that contractors need to provide a safe and convenient manner to secure bikes. Dalco and Teton can help with a wide assortment of available bike racks. Either a small, two-bike holder, or an advanced storage or locking system, Dalco/Teton has got it covered. Different colors and styles can be ordered to match the color schemes and/or desired security level.

Bilco Automatic Fire Vents

A fire vent can be installed in manufacturing centers, warehouses and auditoriums. It is designed to open automatically when a specially designed fusible link melts from the heat of the fire. This, in turn, triggers an electronic opening of the vent, which allows the smoke, heat, or toxic gases to escape the structure. The vents can also be opened manually to furnish the building with proper ventilation. Standard, in-stock units are fabricated from either steel or aluminum and can incorporate polycarbonate domes to effectively provide additional lighting. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approve every vent as well as Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FM). The unique aspect of Bilco vents is the patented Thermolatch positive hold/release mechanism. This provides the user with the peace of mind that the vent will properly function in the event of a fire or explosion, and that the vent will not open unintentionally due to high winds or other unforeseen factors such as an earthquake. Specially designed vents are available with options such as rigged or motorized openings, various insulation alternatives, special finishes, security features, and acoustical vents that are suited for venues where clear sound is imperative. Contact your Dalco sales rep for additional information on this exceptional product.

Bilco Bil-Guard Rail System

The Bil-Guard fixed railing system provides a permanent means of fall protection for hatch openings. High visibility yellow color helps ensure extra safety. Each unit meets and exceeds OSHA fall protection regulations (29 FR 1910.23.) Each unit features a Standard self-closing gate feature. Bil-Guard models are available for most roof hatch and automatic fire vent sizes.

Bilco Floor, Vault, and Sidewalk Doors

When equipment is stored between floors or underground, a Bilco floor or vault door may be the solution for access to those apparatuses. Or perhaps access to an existing room or space is needed. Bilco doors, like their roof hatch counterparts, are the highest standard in the industry. Combining simple operation and sturdy construction, a Bilco door will provide years of worry- free use. Every single Bilco door integrates custom designed lifting devices to counterbalance the cover, the size and weight of the door notwithstanding. A variety of doors are available from Bilco, with various sizes (single and double leaf), load capacities, drainage options, security features, motorized units, and other specially engineered units. Specialty doors are available to match any environment, from the upscale with a vibrant tile or carpet pattern, to the minimal for a loading dock or sidewalk. Bilco doors are featured throughout the world: in extravagant hotels, posh office buildings, blue- collar factories, airport terminals and runways, extensive subway systems, hospitals, and schools both large and small. Contact Dalco with your specs and we can get your door, custom or in- stock, started on its way.

Bilco Ladder-Up Safety Post

Bilco’s Ladder-Up Safety Post provides an extra measure of safety to a roof hatch, vault, or manhole access. The post simply mounts to the top two ladder rungs on any standard fixed ladder or manhole rungs and locks into an upright position. In this position the extended post allows personnel to stabilize their climb in or out of the hole. Upon shutting the lid or closing the manhole, the extension retracts into the tubular shaft of the post with a simple pull of a release lever. The LadderUp is available in standard black enamel, galvanized steel, stainless, and aluminum.

Bilco Roof Hatch

Bilco’s reputation within the building industry is unparalleled due to their commitment to quality craftsmanship and service. Dalco is proud to rep Bilco roof hatches because they are such a superior product. The staple of the line is the S-20 (3′ x 2’6″) hatch, which is fully insulated with a curb included for simple securing to the roof deck. It is available with a galvanized steel cover and curb, an aluminum cover and galvanized steel curb, and an aluminum cover and curb. Other sizes include the NB (2’6″ x 4′ 6″), the E (3′ x 3′), the F (4′ x 4′), and the L (2’6″ x 8′). Every hatch provides easy one-hand opening and closing and zinc-plated hardware for corrosion resistance. Of course, Dalco and Bilco can manufacture any size hatch to fit your custom jobs, with options that include stainless steel hardware, motorized operation, special finishes, snow and ice melting cables, and special insulation materials. Also, check under “Aluminum Ladders” in the online catalog for ladders to complement the roof hatch.

Expansion Joint Assembly

Dalco can manufacture a full range of wall to wall or ceiling to ceiling or special order assemblies.

Site Furnishings

Dalco and Teton offer some of the finest made site furnishings in the SiteScapes line. Ash urns, planters, tables, and trash receptacles are all offered in many different styles. Make the project complete with quality and stylish furnishings.

Sluice Gates

Dalco and Teton can fabricate the necccessary sluice gate or water control gate to meet any flow need. Each gate is heavy duty durable with complete safety and ease-of-use built in. Square, round, rectangular, even “off” shapes are available. In-stock gates are available as well, which are typically lightweight and easy to install.

Stair Treads by Wooster

Wooster stair treads provide essential slip protection for stairs and other surfaces that will drastically reduce pedestrian injuries. Dalco carries in- stock the 231 Wooster Supergrit stair tread, which is constructed of a durable extruded aluminum base with an abrasive filler for maximum grip. The tread will provide years of safety and reliability under heavy traffic. It is 3″ wide and 1/2″ thick, with a small anchor for setting in concrete. Dalco also handles the entire Wooster line, complete in a host of colors, sizes, and styles. Call for availability.

Tree Grates

Tree Grates allow for pedestrian traffic without upsetting a tree’s fragile root system. Depending on the environment, the grate can be an elaborate, sophisticated design, or a simple, down-to-earth pattern. Coupled with the right landscape scheme, a tree grate can be a dramatic accompaniment to underscore any urban layout. Dalco and Teton are proud to offer a variety of tree grates and their respective frames and other accessories. Call or e-mail today for more information.

Trench Drain – Pre-Sloped by Zurn

Zurn’s pre-sloped trench drain system is strong and durable enough to meet the toughest job applications. Constructed of a polyethylene structural composite, the Zurn system works well in industrial and warehouse facilities, parking areas, sporting facilities, running tracks and athletic fields, roadways, and other manufacturing applications. Each 80″ section is 6″ wide and lightweight for quick and simple installation. Each section also has a radiused bottom for a better flow rate with less solids build-up. The depth of the system can be as shallow 3.5″ and flow down to a maximum of 12.5″, a .75% bottom slope that enables a greater flow. Grate options include the standard cast iron slotted, a galvanized slotted, and a galvanized perforated, plus a multitude of other grate alternative to handle various load capacities and applications. Other options, such as heavy-duty frames, allow the system to handle more dynamic loads. Dalco has thousands of feet of Zurn trench drain in stock, every day. Other widths from 8″ up to 24″ are also available, please call for availability and pricing.